Router and Software with cloud management, for your home and business.

Your home with Internet Filter.

With NetProtection Home, your family will have only the best of the Internet.

Our product is designed for parents who want to give their children access to digital life, while avoiding inappropriate content.

Easily block inappropriate content by category on any device with Internet access, such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops, game consoles, etc.

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Total control of the Internet for your business.

Maintaining productivity in companies is always a great challenge for entrepreneurs, especially the improper use of the Internet (access to non-work related content).

NetProtection Plus is the solution for a company that needs to maintain productivity without the need to invest in a corporate firewall.

Directly controlled in the cloud, NetProtection provides all the tools necessary to prevent productivity loss from improper Internet usage, for your small and medium business.

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Monitor from anywhere

With our cloud-based technology, monitoring and configuration can be done from anywhere.
Access reports, configure devices, apply restrictions and monitor your network through a web browser using a simple and intuitive interface.

Block inappropriate content

Each device connected to the Internet can have a single rule. With the web content filter, you can define which sites can be accessed through the Allowed or Prohibited categories or by creating your own list.
Uncontrolled devices can access the Internet freely.

Reports whenever you need

The use of controlled devices is registered in our system and can be easily viewed. Print useful reports by device such as Internet usage time and websites accessed on any web browser.

Determine access times

Set Internet usage times for each of the controlled devices, including defining specific categories for each device defined in these times.

Integrated DDNS

NetProtection is compatible with leading dynamic DNS services, including DDNS Winco, allowing you to remotely access webcams and computers using a fixed name instead of an IP number.

Set yourself

Our solution is designed to simplify the installation and configuration of networks of any kind. The Dashboard Panel has an intuitive interface and is simple to use. But, whenever you need, you can count on our support, as well as network NetProtection dealers.