NetProtection OEM

Business opportunity for ISPs and distributors

Netprotection was developed by Winco in partnership with Netfilter, and its technology is available for OEM licensing, partially or in full.

Different versions can be adapted according to their needs (in accordance with trade agreements and project requirements), as the application of their mark on the interface.

Some of the possible applications of the technology for OEM partners:

For service providers

Installing NetProtection as gateway of its customers network, the connection management is simplified at an unbeatable cost. You will be able to:

  • Access the router remotely via graphical or console interface, even if it is behind a NAT.
  • Offer added services like Web Filter and Access Control.
  • Offer Web Access Reports to your customer.

For network hardware manufacturers

Add value and improve your offer integrating our portal management and control devices to their routers.

  • Create signatures to have recurring revenue.
  • Stand out from the competition by offering remote configuration and monitoring via cellular.

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