Privacy policy

Winco Technology and Systems Ltda. and Netfilter Trade and Telecommunications Services and Computer Ltda. has committed to maintain quality products and services in the area of technology and the Internet, while respecting the security and privacy of data entrusted by our customers.

In no event will Winco and NetFilter, except in situations explained in this document or in compliance with the judicial decision, transfer to third parties the data provided by users.

Terms of privacy in NetProtection service

The email registered in NetProtection Content Filter service is used for sending information about the product, such as maintenance, upgrades, possible changes, facilities built into the system and ways of operating the NetProtection Content Filter in the best possible way.

Winco and Netfilter can also, with never more frequently than once a month 01, send e-mails with releases of information and product promotions marketed by them, with the option to opt-out.

All traffic between the NetProtection routers and servers NetProtection system on the Internet is SSL encrypted to ensure the privacy of information transmitted.

Terms of privacy in NetProtection website

When visiting this site, information can be collected in two ways: first anonymously, in which it only collects information from your visit to the site, such as pages visited and length of stay; the second corresponds to the information provided by you from completing any form.

Use of the data collected

The personal information you include in any form will be used only for the purpose stated on the form in question, such as contact and partnership proposal and can be sent to authorized dealers and representatives of Winco and Netfilter, Winco and Netfilter can also, with a frequency not exceeding 01 once a month, send emails with releases of information and product promotions marketed by them, with the option to opt-out.

The anonymous data will be used for navigation statistics, site improvement and dissemination of NetProtection.

About anonymous data

During your navigation some "cookies" (small files consist of a sequence of characters) are stored into your browser that serve to identify interests and shipping profile.


NetProtection's site uses cookies: from Google Analytics to collect traffic statistics, possible interests and for remarketing with appropriate offers that fit your profile; and AdWords to collect information about the performance of ads on the network.


Winco and Netfilter are available to answer any questions about our privacy policy.
Simply go to our contact page.